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THE STORY OF THE GANGSTA KITTIES is all about the gangsta kitty cats RPG game at Facebook. It's the story of Tommy, a young kitten forced to fend for himself in the tough back alley of his neighborhood, where he eventually works his way up the gangster kitty ranks to become the powerful boss Tomkat! If you are fed up with slot games online, this could be the RPG for you! Read the full story below...

Little Tommy seemed like a typical kitten at birth. Born in an alley behind Mario's Pizza Pit, he grew up as only an Alleycat could, surviving on his wits and courage...and sharpening his claws along the way. He developed friendships, alliances and enemies as he clawed his way to the top of the alley cat food chain, but life became more difficult for this growing Tomcat. He started getting into trouble as he got restless and wanted something bigger. The local grocer hired him to do some mouse catching, but that wasn't good enough. He wanted MORE!

Soon he was catnapping for the neighborhood boss and that progressed into full time catnip dealing! It was a dangerous time that he knew would only get worse, but he was on the path to destruction with no way out. Eventually, he got careless...

He formed the Gangsta Kitties KittieKrew which consisted of him, Knuckles, Louie, Karl and Furball. Then, poor Furball ended up getting caught with his paws in the fishbowl and got his tail hauled off to the vet for some shots. This didn't sit well with the rest of the boys, so they made a plan to break him outta there! Their plan seemed to go flawlessly...maybe just a bit TOO perfectly, as they broke out through the vet window with no problem at all. Tom was just about to suggest a salmon dinner celebration when suddenly they were surrounded by cops...dozens of them like mice on cheese!! All the spotlights seemed to be on young Tom. The fuzzball cops knew he was the leader and getting more powerful every day! He was the the new boss cat in town. They had to squash his power NOW!!

But how did they know where to catch this TomKat in action? Turns out that Karl had plans of his own to be the new head of the Krew and he ratted on Tommy to the Feds to further his own agenda and, with his competition out of the way, he began his reign of terror and became known as Krazy Kittie Killer Karl!

Meanwhile, Tomkat got dragged off to the Federal Cat Pound and was left there to die. But they didn't anticipate the influence he still held in the community. Members of his fiercely loyal Gangsta Kitties Krew who were still on the outside had a scheme to set him free that just might work...

First, they have to get rid of Krazy Karl, so they planned a daring catnap in broad daylight to bring him down, but now they have to raise enough Kittie Kash and V-points to be strong enough to pull off the ultimate job...the Federal Cat Pound Escape to free their leader!

But they need YOUR help to do it! They need an extra Gangsta Kitty player! Get ready to play the Gangsta Kitties cats RPG and build up your rep among the Krew by doing jobs and buying weapons and other items to progress through the game. Visit Tomkat for extra help and maybe someday YOU will be the next boss! Good Luck!

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